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  • Your prayer requests submitted here are sent directly to Living Water's Pastors and Prayer Team.
  • You may also request prayer during the weekend services. Fill out a Connect Card and submit when the offering is recieved. Those requests are prayed for in the weekly staff meeting.
  • Living Water has trained altar staff available for prayer at every service; pastors, elders and a healing team are here to pray for you as well.
Mari Varney
Request prayer for brother in law Phillip Roy Varney. Had stroke and now bleeding on the brain. Need peace for the family to remember to keep their focus on the Lord.
11/12/2016 2:30:41 PM

Ev Prested
Phylis Hoffman would like prayer for her 87 year old sister Anna. She is very weak; and has recently had her thyroid medication changed.
10/13/2016 8:21:05 PM

Ev Prested
For Tony, just got a cancer diagnosis

For Phylis, struggling to breathe today (has COPD)
10/11/2016 8:11:36 PM

Suresh Bhagia
He was hospitalized for pneumonia Saturday.
10/10/2016 11:16:14 AM

Ev Prested
For Joan who is in the hospital and for her daughter Lisa who has a lot of pain, and can't get surgery because she does not have insurance or the money needed
10/8/2016 10:38:32 AM

Griselda Ruiz
Need prayer for my 6 year old, she has a lot of anger issues. Also for peace in our family and for God to open doors for a place to live and work. I had to drop my classes in school to be there for my daughter.
10/5/2016 5:11:26 PM

John Varney
I would like to request prayer for myself. I had broken 2 of my toes and one of them turned color and the Doctor was worried about my circulation in that toe, pray it comes back and fully heal by God's holy power. Amen!
10/5/2016 4:29:45 PM

Shauney Recke
For my husband Andre, agreement in prayer that all satanic forces be broken and removed so that he is able to see Gods will for his and the life of his family and return home. Marriage Restoration, Deliverance & Salvation. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
9/30/2016 1:16:33 PM

Ev Prested
For Chris: in her 60's, widowed, living with son because of many physical problems & pain. She is depressed and talking about suicide.

Also, for Bobbi who lives in a nursing home. She has been coughing hard for several weeks.

Update for Sue: biopsy results are not back, but the doctor is optimistic that it will not show cancer.
9/29/2016 12:24:19 PM

Ev Prested
For my friend Phylis Hoffman. She is in the hospital with pneumonia, coughing so hard she can not sleep. She has emphysema and is in her mid 70's. She does know the Lord.
9/24/2016 8:08:39 AM

Ev Prested
For Sue - 40 year old having a biopsy for suspected cancer. Also for her parents Ed & Mary Alice who are having difficulty coping with this.
9/20/2016 6:07:29 PM

Ev Prested
For Lisa, whose health problems are continuing. She is hospitalized with pain in her legs that morphine can't control.

For Phylis Hoffman's sister Anna, who has symptoms of dementia (another sister has dementia)
9/2/2016 11:49:39 AM

Ev Prested
For 32 yr old Hannah who has an inoperable brain tumor

For 40 yr old Lisa, can't walk & in great pain due to a herniated (bulging) disk. Looks like surgery will be required
8/29/2016 10:55:35 AM

I need prayer in my strength and faith...my family is falling apart and I really feel Hopeless. Now my relationship with my youngest child's father has been very difficult. He has our daughter but won't let me see her. I don't know why this is happening I just want to be happy and for her father to see the love I have for him. I've lost a lot growing up and I'm tired. Please pray for my mom, brother and sisters as well we aren't that close and suffer from depression and anxiety. I just feel so alone and my mind races a lot I just want happiness and peace. Thank you for my prayer I could go on and on but thank you 😢
8/25/2016 12:39:39 AM

william creighton
I keep giving into temptation for a sin that began from childhood. I am willing to turn from all my sins and come under the rulership of Jesus Christ. I ask that God will not take his Spirit away from me, and that he will not end my life in failure. Please pray for me. Please O lord, help me to overcome and be faithful to the lord in all areas of my life. I am desperate.... William Creighton 22 aug 2016
8/22/2016 12:40:25 PM

tracy lynch
Pray that I walk in confidence and with the weapons that are given to me on the level I'm on. That I learn how to operate and function using them fully. That I hear God's voice more clearly. That God would restore people's fire and remove doubt.
8/15/2016 12:56:28 PM

Mike Bailey
I would like to ask for prayer that the Lord will restore my job at a nuclear station. I lost this job due to health reasons that have since been resolved. This was the best job I have ever had for my family and it was very discouraging to lose it. I have recently found employment of which I am thankful for. However, it is not a good fit for me at all not allowing me to utilize my skills and experience. Please pray that God will provide me with something that will enable me to adequately provide for my family and at the same time be something that I can enjoy and thrive in and not waste my years of experience. Thank you so very much for praying.
8/12/2016 2:01:35 PM

Pastor Stacey
Please pray for Don L. He had complex open heart surgery to repair a left mitral valve in heart and remove wires and his pacemaker 7/28/16. About three weeks ago he was diagnosed with a super bacterial bug that got into his blood, heart, and bone in lower back. He has had a good response to the antibiotics but nevertheless has to have surgery to survive. He is very alert and smart.He knows Jesus as his personal savior. But he would like to hang around for a little longer ☀ (Don is the father of one of our LW Family members.)
8/2/2016 4:07:29 PM

Pastor Stacey
Doris Davis has suffered a second stroke at is currently hospitalized at Alexian Brothers Medical Center in Room 306. Please pray for her full recovery and an appropriate rehab facility close to her family.
8/2/2016 3:44:19 PM

Marsha Jones
my family is under attack my sons and I have always been close but because of a decision I made and was not truthful about the son I live with is very anger with me.

I'm asking God to renew restore and revive.
7/6/2016 7:45:58 PM

Praise Report: Pastor Wanda was released from the hospital and has returned home. Please continue to pray for complete healing and wholeness.

Pastor Wanda Thanks you for your prayers
6/27/2016 1:30:53 PM

Stacey Brown
Please keep the family of Clavin "Clay" Smith in prayer. Clavin passed today after a lengthy battle with cancer.
6/22/2016 1:04:12 PM

Stacey Brown
Please keep the family of Clavin "Clay" Smith in prayer. Clavin passed today after a lengthy battle with cancer.
6/22/2016 1:02:51 PM

Pastor Stacey
Please pray for former LWCC attendee Alan Phillips who is having open heart surgery on Wednesday.
6/20/2016 5:51:10 PM

Mari Varney
Please pray for the Bertaux family. Randy has been battling cancer and they have called in hospice.
6/16/2016 7:27:35 PM

Griselda ruiz
Need prayer for stability in a church for my family, my daughter in school and my son to open doors for him for better opportunities in the work field. Also for myself and boyfriend to set ourselves to commit to marriage and for a foundation and stability in work and last but all my family I had few members pass over and it's been difficult.
6/14/2016 11:05:48 PM

Griselda ruiz
Need prayer for my six year it's been getting out of hand with her attitude with kids and her approach to them in in communicating with them
Want prayer for her for her ways and for her to be kind to others.
6/14/2016 11:02:04 PM

griselda ruiz
I need prayer for my six year old miracle who is having issues with her in school. This started last year. She been in 2 different schools during the year and I have had complaints of her behavior. Now she is in summer school and she has passed to first grade. She received a scholarship. She is smart but her ways are too much! She does not know how to control her anger and she says things to kids that are not for her to say. I have spoken to teachers and principals, we have had meetings in how to work with her. She does not know how to be around kids and talk to them. She feels left out at times and says, "Ma no one wants to be my friend." At night we pray and she does herself and says "Ma I wont do it again." At home she does the same. We have taken things away from her and also explained to her biblical ways but is just not working. I am a Christian. I been in church for some time but I stopped. I told my mother I wanted to go back because of all this going on and also because we need it. I wanted to know more information about the children's ministry. Thank you.
6/14/2016 10:42:50 PM

ev Prested
Phylis Hoffman hasn't been able to reach her sister Anna's family for over a month. Anna had been showing signs of dementia. Please pray for Anna and her family, and for Phylis's peace of mind.

Mary who is having lung cancer surgery today on her left lung. She had cancer in her right lung 5 years ago. Also, for Mary's brother Frank who has widespread cancer and is not doing well.
6/13/2016 11:09:29 AM

Prayer for our church that God will help our leaders and pastors do God's will and may God's will be done. Amen.
6/7/2016 9:11:54 AM

Stacy Sudberry
Asking for prayers for my grandfather who went in for a "simple" surgery this past Friday and by Sunday morning had a heart attack and stroke that has robbed him of his speech and swallowing abilities. Praying hard for his recovery and asking for prayers for his healing.
6/7/2016 2:10:22 AM

Mari Varney
Guide surgeons hands on Thursday during procedure to repair right ankle tendon(full rupture). Having faith that God is going to heal it like new!
6/6/2016 10:30:38 AM

Tomorrow I have a job interview. I pray for favor, so I can get this job! I want his Holy Spirit to flow through me so I can answer every question with clarity.
6/6/2016 10:12:07 AM

Prayer that God can break my bondage of fear and heal me of my mental illness; prayer that I would grasp God's healing forgiveness and understand that I too can come to God, that He loves me also.
6/2/2016 7:42:43 AM

tanya gibson
Please pray for housing. Homeless, need employment. Wife needs counseling, desling with anger at God. Needs to be blessed with car. Pray for husband's salvation and deliverance. Please pray for homeless friends. Pray for my children peace, they are staying with friends for awhile. Pray for proetection, good camp leaders for summer. Pray for children's salvation and deliverance from evil forces causing them to disrespect parents. Tanya needs referral for clothing for job interviews, job readiness, and a bus pass. Pray God touches someones heart. Wife is disabled seeking outpatient treatment for depression and seeking forgiveness of sins.
5/31/2016 5:43:58 PM

Quentin Vaughn
I'm at a crossroads in my life. I unhappy with my career and my home life. I wake up everyday and hate my job. In addition to hating my job, I dislike my home life. My wife doesn't display any intimacy. I'm at the point where I'm ready to walk away from my wife and job; my daughter is the only thing that's keeping me in the relationship and job. I've actually tried to leave my wife in the past, but she wouldn't allow me to see my daughter so I stuck around for my child. I've worked since I was 15 and I'm ready to take a chance and leave my career and wife. I know marriage is supposed to be a gift from God, but I feel like my marriage is from hell. My wife is a good woman, but a terrible wife. I'm not going to place blame on her because I'm sure I'm not a good husband. At the end of the day, please pray for my daughter. I use to attend your church on a regular basis until Pastor Ken began to have guest speakers and I moved.
5/15/2016 12:48:29 AM

I lost my job over 3 mos ago and Im struggling with faith and patience...I do know the Word well...had studies on peace and patients..heard the sermon..we go to work...God goes to rest...its so hard and over whelming being a Christian...we worry its a sin...we get out of rest in the Lord we stay in our troubles longer...its. Hard we have good qualifications so we are told but not well enough to get a job..Im sorry just mentally exhausted...please..I need prayer
5/14/2016 11:05:09 PM

Pat Odame
I would like to request prayer for a friend/co-worker who has recently been diagnosed with a rare cancer. Her name is Amy and she has 3 very young children. Please pray for her husband and other family members who have stepped in to support her while she goes through aggressive treatment. Thank you
5/4/2016 12:14:20 PM

Mary Compton
Asking for prayer for Nancy & Matt who have court today. This couple is trying to adopt a foster child they have had for a few years. He came to them abused & neglected. Now the biological parents want him back. The biological parents keep breaking the rules but the liberal judge continues to be on their side. Please pray for the B family that God will intervene and he will be able to stay with the B family. My friend is blaming herself. She is a WONDERFUL mom to her children and to Julian.

Also prayers for my family. Oldest son who lives with me is giving me a VERY DIFFICULT time.
5/4/2016 10:04:56 AM

Stacey Brown
Baby Hope is my daughter's co-worker's newborn. She must have open heart surgery today. Please pray that all goes well, the problem is resolved, and this little one goes on to lead a full life.
4/28/2016 12:01:48 PM

E Jackson
Please pray for Pastor Wanda who is currently a patient at the Mayo Clinic. She has been ill since last year with a non specific bacterial infection. Wanda has been nourished through a feeding tube since the winter of 2015. Please pray that doctors will be able to diagnose and treat her condition and that God will completely heal her body. Pastor Wanda remains strong in her faith. Please pray for both her family and her church family as well.
Thank You

Please pray for Trina who is recovering from surgery due to a shifted shunt in her brain. Pray for complete recovery and healing of a rare gestational brain disorder. Pray that God will captivate Trina's heart.
Thank You, Blessings

Thank you, Blessings
4/27/2016 10:01:14 PM

Please pray for my 9 year old son. He was diagnosed with Tourette's and anxiety. He was started on meds but we need wisdom to help us through this. My son believes highly in the healing of Jesus! Please pray for his healing and deliverance. Also for our wisdom and strength as a family through these rough times.
4/27/2016 2:33:25 PM

Omayra Rivera
I would like prayer for peace for my dad whose is battling with my brother whose is a heroion addict and mistreats my dad my dad is handicapped. Please pray for that demon to flee my brother and for my brother to be at peace with my dad. Today my dad leaves to Puerto Rico for 2 weeks. In that time please pray for peace to come in his home. I know the power of prayer and all your prayer warriors can make this peace come upon my dad. May my brother find a place to live, a rehab for drugs or jail. Thank you and God bless.
4/27/2016 6:55:30 AM

Ev Prested
update: I have finished the physical therapy for the balance problem. Although I must do the exercises for the rest of my life, I am much better than I have been for years and some additional improvement may occur over time. Please give thanks for the improvement, and that I was kept safe when I had no clue how bad my balance was getting!
4/23/2016 7:27:18 AM

Ev Prested
Update on Shawna Prested: The doctor says that her problem, which is rare in women, is being caused by her allergy nasal spray because it contains a steroid. She is not to take steroids (predisone, nasal sprays, etc) unless absolutely medically necessary. She has been off the nasal spray for a few days, and the doctor can detect some vision improvement already. Please give thanks for that, and pray that it continues. Also, Shawna needs wisdom in deciding what to do about her allergy symptoms.
4/12/2016 10:09:38 AM

Hi im in a very tough, terrible predicament and i really need your prayer's. Please pray for God's rescue for my life from all the plans of the devil and protection for me and my family. We so need God's protection. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you, God bless
4/8/2016 2:13:26 PM

Gary Michael Varney
Pray for me I am handcapped. I have cerebral palsy. I go to living water community church.
4/7/2016 10:05:01 PM

tanya gibson
Please pray for housing pray for husband: deliverance from demonic forces. Pray salvation of family, for guidance for new church home, for wife to get blessed with car, job, immediately get childcare Christian lady. Pray for peace in home, for children to obey at school and home. Pray for grandmother to move to suburbs, for sister in Chicago who has cancer, for brothers to get saved and delivered from evil forces.
4/7/2016 6:04:58 PM

Ev Prested
For Chuck Prested: His kidney problems appear to be progessing from the "keep an eye on" stage to the "doctor wants to discuss this" stage. Some other items in the latest blood test are slightly out of line.

For Shawna Prested: On Monday she had fuzzy vision in her left eye. She has been sent to a retinal specialist because of swelling in the retina, and has a test today (7th) and Sat. Can't do treatment until cause is known.
Please pray that there is no permanent vision loss.

For 11 yr old with diabetis who is being tested for celiac disease (celiac's can't eat gluten)

For a high school junior with a blood clot on the brain, and is not being allowed to attend school.
4/7/2016 10:36:30 AM

Robina and Patricia Kaira
Please pray for healing from hurt for our family and clarity. Today we were torn apart people quarreled hearts are broken the sad part is my youngest sister was kicked out of her home she now staying at a motel she has limited funds , So pray for provision for her and clarity and also for the spirit of forgiveness to cover her and everyone in this situation, AND God's grace mercy and love thank you .
4/1/2016 11:22:56 PM

Needing prayers for my son he has somethings going on and needs lots of prayers for things to be alright.
3/29/2016 9:36:37 PM

That I will come to full salvation in Christ and God will soften my heart.
3/24/2016 8:55:27 AM

John Rossi
Suffers Anxiety
In a group home
Difficulty with relationships which leads to depression.
3/21/2016 12:11:28 PM

Ev Prested
For Chris & family: For Chris - relief from depression and constant pain
For Chris's son: relief from depression, being able to handle stress and marriage problems (wife is from Indonesia)
For Chris's brother: health problems
3/18/2016 12:33:50 PM

Omayra Rivera
I am asking for prayers for myself. I went for my first mammogram on Saturday and I got a call back. Please pray that all is normal in Jesus name
3/17/2016 7:10:21 AM

Omayra Rivera
Please pray for my son who is in the military. He is having a hard time and is battling depression and panic attacks and anxiety. The military doctors put him on some medications but i know that God is his healer. Thank you! PLEASE PRAY FOR MARC.
3/14/2016 9:53:00 PM

Ev Prested
First, an update for me: The cause of the imbalance/dizziness was found – the signals from a part of the balance system to the brain have weakened. The treatment is Physical Therapy to retrain the brain to treat the weaken signals just like the stronger ones from the other side. I start Wed. Pray that I will have the self-discipline to do the exercises every day for the time needed (about 6 weeks).
For Charlene, 88 yr old former pastor, whose lung cancer has come back.
For Jim, who has heart trouble and just had a stroke
For Michelle & family – teenager, family stress damaging relationships In the family
For Frank who was in surgery for a liver transplant when the doctors discovered cancer. He is a Vietnam Veteran.
3/7/2016 10:41:35 AM

Pastor Stacey
Please pray for a woman who is experiencing bullying from co-workers. Because of this, she is going through depression and anxiety. She is a school social worker, and is not appreciated in her job.
3/5/2016 9:42:17 AM

Anita Stigall
Please pray for Sharon. She just had neck surgery and is in a lot of pain.
3/1/2016 1:35:25 PM

Ev Prested
Updates: Sally is doing much better. Praise & Thanksgiving
Melody has been ordered by her doctors to quit work because of stress. Please continue praying for her.

New requests: Pat has disease which causes tumors to form in her body. Currently has tumor on retina causing vision problems. She is having transportation problems in getting to a specialist.
Anna Marie is not making sense in phone conversations; she is not eating right either. A sister has dementia, so there is concern about that.

Please pray for me. I have been having problems with my balance (physical). Usually this type of thing clears on it's own, but since it hasn't, I am being sent for tests.
2/17/2016 11:52:27 AM

Please pray for Claudio's family. There are many needs for salvation, marriages, emotional healing, success in school, physical healing, finances and family restorations.
2/15/2016 8:40:11 PM

Jim Bredwell
My mom, Lorraine Peracki has suffered a stroke and will require ongoing care. Lynn and I are relocating to Branson in order to care for her. Please pray that our house sells quickly and that the move goes well. Lynn is going to remain with my mom in the meantime to provide care. Please pray for her strength. Thank you.
2/10/2016 4:46:53 PM

Please pray for Lorraine. A spot has been found on her breast. praying for healing and that it does not require treatment.
2/10/2016 4:42:28 PM

Marsha Jones
My youngest son and his girlfriend had a baby in November and yesterday she was put in the hospital for post depression she is not a Christian so please pray for them my son however is a Christian.

thank you very much

Marsha Jones
2/4/2016 7:53:51 PM

Denise Leonard
Please pray for my oldest brother William's wife, Gayle has been under treatment for liver/colon cancer and had been doing well. Last Saturday she was in extreme pain and taken to the hospital. The found a bacterial infection and septic and retaining a lot of fluid. She has been sedated and intubated since then. They are treating the infection, draining fluid and doing a feeding tube. If they see no improvement soon a decision will need to be made as to the next step. My brother married late in life, caring for my mother until she passed away in 2008. William and Gayle have will be married for 7 years in July. She has been such a gift to William and the family. Please pray for her and the entire family (hers & our). Many family members went for support on Sunday. Thank you!
2/4/2016 10:58:38 AM

Omayra Rivera
I would like to ask for prayers for my brother Charlie Rodriguez who was found in the bath tub unresponsive due to a drug over dose. Please pray for healing and peace in his life as he has been struggling with drug addiction..
Also please pray for my son Marc. He is a united states Marine and we just found out he is having depression and panic attack please pray for god to lead him in the right direction and give him peace
2/3/2016 2:57:57 PM

Please pray for healing for my friends, Johnnie and Gail. Johnnie had a stroke and she is fighting for her life. Gail is losing her eye sight and she is becoming blind.
2/3/2016 8:43:16 AM

Ev Prested
Please continue praying for Sally who injured her legs in a fall - she now hospitalized with an infection and mental confusion (they think that either the infection or the medication is causing the confusion)

Also, Dorothy's infection has not fully cleared yet, so continue praying for her.
2/2/2016 8:29:16 AM

Rose Spielman
I am going into the hospital on February 12th for neck surgery at Elmhurst hospital. I have two ruptured disks in my C-5 and C-7 that is causing pain to my right are and down my back. Please pray for a safe surgery and fast recovery and that I get the help I need when I come home.
1/29/2016 5:12:10 PM

Ev Prested
For Marlene: having tests today, Jan 29. She has a lump in her breast which doesn't show on a mammogram. Also, she has had cancer elsewhere in her body, so doctors are extra concerned.

For Anna: sent to rehab from hospital (physical problem)

Dorothy: elderly woman in hospital with a high fever (infection)

Sally: diabetic, injured her legs in a fall
1/29/2016 11:45:54 AM

prayer for finances for our family job for wife.
1/28/2016 9:15:04 PM

Pete & Sadie Dixon
Please pray for Pete's mother,she lost everything on last Wednesday, including her house of 62 years. Pray for peace and comfort during the next six months as her home gets restored.
1/25/2016 3:45:04 PM

Romalaine Aniciete
Please pray for my dad Ramon's complete healing and future good health. Please Lord God, heal him and take away all the pain, give him another chance to live. Let him stay with us here a little longer, please. In JESUS name. Amen.
1/24/2016 7:09:24 PM

deidra wonsey
Please pray for my son Titus, he had surgery on his knee, please pray for a speedy recovery
1/23/2016 9:28:34 PM

Denise Sarpy
Please pray for my niece Shernell Culver to pass her nursing board examFebruary 2
1/20/2016 8:59:20 PM

Jim Bredwell
Please pray for my mom, Lorraine Peracki. She suffered a stroke this week and is recovering. Please pray for me and my wife as this situation will hasten our move to Branson.
1/14/2016 4:23:22 PM

Please pray for me I go before the parole board tomorrow. Please pray for favor
1/11/2016 8:20:21 PM

Ev Prested
For Bobbie and Chris, two older ladies who are very depressed and wishing to die because they are in pain and unable to care for themselves. They are not related or living in the same area.

This combination of problems seems to be rather common, so add prayers for all caregivers to have the wisdom to know how to handle it.
1/10/2016 11:28:26 AM

Ev Prested
For Jim who had a stroke yesterday. He also had a heart attack a few months ago.
1/9/2016 12:36:07 PM

Shirley Williams
Please pray for my dear cousin Tish Moore who is battling with cancer. Pray that God will manifest his healing in her body and do a miracle for her. And give God the praise and glory.
1/8/2016 6:52:54 PM

June Brooks
My sister Laverne hurt her back one year ago. She was in intense pain and could not walk. She had surgery and it became worse. The surgery failed. She has tried therapy, pain shots and has done everything they asked. It is now getting worse and she has applied to Mayo. I pray they accept her and find a solution to make her pain free and let her have her life back. She is a giving, thoughtful, loving person and we need and love her so much.
Thank you
1/3/2016 2:54:34 PM

Ev Prested
For Melody who has been sick frequently and has been struggling with high blood pressure - don't know if those are connected. Please pray for healing.

For Dorothy who has been in the hospital for an infection and now is in rehab for a couple of weeks. And for her daughter Sharon who needs surgery. Please ask for strength and healing.
12/21/2015 1:37:03 PM

Ev Prested
Prayers for the family of Pastor Ken Dignan. He passed away on Dec 17. (He pastored Living Water for 10 years.)
12/18/2015 11:36:34 AM

Ev Prested
Praise the Lord: Debbie (Hoffman) Vlcek's heart did not show any problems when checked by the cardiologist. He does want a stress test just to be sure, and some blood work.
She still has unexplained tiredness.
12/18/2015 11:34:27 AM

Pastor Stacey for Ruby V.
Ruby's coworkers Eric Newhouse’s 6 month old son had a stroke and had to be air lifted to hospital; doctors found that he had blood on the brain and performed surgery on Tuesday. Doctors stated that baby is in critical condition and Ruby just wanted the church to pray for full recovery.
12/17/2015 2:18:34 PM

Ev Prested
Debbie (Hoffman)Vlcek's medical checkup revealed high cholesteral(sp?) and a possible heart murmur. Please ask for wisdom and for healing.
12/11/2015 11:17:55 AM

Stacey Brown
A teacher at Darlene W.'s school lost her young brother suddenly. She is 8 months pregnant and the entire family is grieving. Please pray for peace and comfort for the family as well as a safe delivery for the grieving sister.
12/8/2015 12:58:44 PM

Steve Sanchez
Prayer for my wife Jessica Sanchez.

Hello my name is Steve Sanchez and my wifes name is Jessica Sanchez. I hate to even say the word Lupis, but this is what she has been diagnosed with at the time around the birth of our two sons ( 1yr 6 months). Everytime she goes to a doctors appointment it seems as though there is bad news of some sort. It extremely bothers me that this thing moved into our lives. I would like to request prayer for my wife for possible healing or even for remission. Her body is fatigued and has been aching her. I praying for The Lords mercy and strength. Thanks Steve Sanchez
12/8/2015 8:13:01 AM

Ev Prested
For several members of Chuck Prested’s family:
His sister Ann and her husband Curt; Curt has been ill for over a year requiring multiple surgeries (back, hip, shoulder) and blood transfusions even between surgeries. The doctors think they have found the problem – a staph infection that wasn’t completely gotten rid of last Jan. after the first back surgery. He will need a third back surgery because of damage done by the staph. Because he was only able to work 2 months out of this time, money is very tight. Give thanks that he has very good medical insurance.

Ann especially needs wisdom, because she also oversees the care of Chuck’s youngest sister Marylou, who has been dealing with stage 4 ovarian cancer for nearly 8 years. Marylou is mentally challenged and mentally ill (medicine helps the latter a lot), but has never been put under guardianship. The cancer is back again, and for the first time, Marylou is saying she doesn’t want to go thru the chemo – and the doctors concede that doing the chemo would much riskier this time. Right now Marylou feels fine.

Chuck’s brother Tom has completely cut all ties to the family – one of his sons may know where he is, but doesn’t have any contact. The rest of the family doesn’t even know if he is dead or alive. A Vietnam veteran, he nearly drank himself to death a few years ago.

Also, please pray for our neighbor who is a friend of Chuck. He is undergoing chemo and radiation for lung cancer with surgery to follow. We are pretty sure he does not know the Lord, so pray for that and also pray for Chuck as he interacts with him.
12/1/2015 2:32:54 PM

Lawrence o Ekeoma
Greetings in Jesus Name.please kindly put my name,family,fathers household and relations on your daily prayer list for salvation ,healing,deliverance .a fresh baptism of fire in my life,breakthroughs and blessings,open doors, a car,and that forms of bewitchment and witchcraft attacks be destroyed.and finances to meet every need.thanks
11/18/2015 5:49:18 AM

Ev Prested
Phylis Hoffman requests prayer for Marsala who is in the hospital and for Marlene who is starting treatment for her back on Fri.

Phylis also reports that Donna's friend (not sure what name the earlier request used)has improved enough that she has come home. Please give thanks for that, and continue praying for her.
11/17/2015 10:14:40 AM

Denise cobbins
Help my sons get their selves on the right track so they can follow the path that God wants them on and that my daughters are blessed. May my girls understand that God forgives them for disobeying me and may they learn it.
11/14/2015 9:30:01 PM

Omayra rivera
Please pray for peace in my mind over thinking a situation at work with a coworker I recently went back to work and was so happy and just like that a coworker ruined it for me that I never met please pray that I have peace of mind and that God will make a way where there seems to be no way for me that he would heal my mind and my thoughts
11/11/2015 8:00:31 PM

LJ Nail
Please pray the wicked living in the house on Dellrose Street in my city of Wichita in the USA. Pray they would move out or be cast out of this neighborhood; OR pray that God would radically save, transform, discipline and civilize them. They have been nothing but problems (stealing, vandalizing, disturbing the peace, etc.) since moving in. Furthermore, pray for the cleansing of this area and pray that I would be delivered from financial debt. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.
11/11/2015 11:23:09 AM

Ev Prested
Requested by Phylis Hoffman:
Healing for Melody who is having trouble with her blood pressure

For Marlene who needs a specialist for back problems and insurance questions are complicating things

For Anna who recently fell and hasn't felt quite right since

For Cris (have been praying about physical problems for her) also has family member wanting "loans" which past history says won't be repaid
11/7/2015 1:19:38 PM

vicki mcwilliams
Ive been taking care of my elderly parents for over 2yrs( they now live in my home) my father has Dementia and needs full time assistance and my mother has a broken back that doctors cant operate because to close to spine and it would paralyze her, I also suffer from a disease fibromyalga, needless to say im overwhelmed and taking care of them has also takin me away from my husband,kids n grandkids, I know I serve a powerful God, please pray for my circumstance and that God gives my family a miracle, im physically/emotionally drained and DONT want to put my parents in a nursing home and theres no help from my other siblings, so please be in agreement with me over this matter, Thank you
11/5/2015 6:51:51 AM

Mari Varney
Doctor found blood clots in John's left leg. Looking for Gods healing to dissolve them without any issues.
11/4/2015 8:00:07 PM

Pastor Stacey
Please pray for Bryan who will undergo surgery on his foot today. Thank you.
11/3/2015 2:26:20 PM

Ev Prested
Recently I told the activities director of Meadowbrook Manor that I could not continue doing the weekly "Bible Songs" much longer. (I've been doing this more than 20 years.) She asked if I could find someone who could do this or something similar in my place.

Please pray that the Lord would do this for the people there. Currently, I plan for Dec 31 to be my last time. The primary qualifications needed are commitment to and consistency in doing this.
11/3/2015 9:54:48 AM

Ev Prested
For Bobbie who has had a stroke and lost a close family member. She is very unhappy being in a nursing home.

For Phylis Hoffman and her husband - she thinks he is ill and not telling her.
11/3/2015 9:43:56 AM

Pastor Stacey
Please pray for Ruth Newell who is going through a difficult time right now.
10/26/2015 3:04:46 PM

Pastor Stacey
We have a desperate prayer request for a family of three who will not have a home by Sunday if they are not able to find an apartment that will approve them. Please pray for a miracle. Thank you.
10/26/2015 10:26:14 AM

Mari Varney
Mom, Loretta Hanson, having surgery on back today. Please pray for the surgeons hands and peace for mom.
10/22/2015 10:07:25 AM

Nadege Myers
Today at 1:30, I will have surgery to remove a endometrial polyp attached to a wall of the uterus. Please stand in prayer with me that surgery goes well and that there is no abnormal tissue tissue or cells.

Thank you,
10/19/2015 8:02:04 AM

Julia Varney
Julia passed on 10/14/15. Please continue to pray for her family.
10/13/2015 6:07:45 AM

Darrell Dunigan
My prayer request is that God will show me a mentor.
Someone who is willing to teach me more about Christ and more about the path of being a Christian.
I've been going to Living Water about a month now, since I moved here.
I truly believe I'll grow.
I still need guidance.
Iron sharpens iron, as one man does another.
So that's my request.
That I may also draw closer to Him, even if I don't see a mentor anytime soon.
10/7/2015 12:54:11 PM

Jayne Durham
Please keep Lucas Durham in your prayers and continue to intercess for his continued healing in his brain and his body. He has been enduring chemo and radiation (fifth week) last week with moderate fatigue and nausea. This past Thursday, he started vomiting in the morning but could not stop. However, for a brief period on Thursday morning Lucas stopped vomiting long enough to get through his radiation.Considering the past 40 hours the fact he could complete his radiation after vomiting on the way there and back is confirmation to me that the Holy Spirit is working in this circumstance for Lucas. Lucas was admitted at Edwards on Thursday. After several tests, the docs have discovered that Lucas has/had a sort of congenital hiatal hernia never diagnosed as a child. ( we were told that Lucas' type of brain tumor was also present early in his childhood). For whatever reason, exacerbation of the treatment & the stress of the last 5 months or just because it's time, this hernia has unveiled itself. Now he will have to have open stomach surgery to reattach his diaphragm and reposition his stomach and small intestine. We are at the stage where we are making decisions about transporting him to Rush connecting with a surgeon there...this has to be done rather quickly. Pastor Ken and I spoke about that the Lord answered me and gave me a rhema word that Jeremia 29:11 was for Lucas. I've claimed it and I'm leaning in but I need help for endurance and continued renewal of the mind, strengthening of heart, comfort and strength and peace for Lucas.
Thank you.
10/4/2015 8:31:28 AM

Michelle Espinosa
My 4 year old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday my sister is 8 months pregnant and getting this news about her four year old son was devastation to her and also a shock to the family he's only four years old and will need strength for a challenge that we have to face, I please ask that you will say a prayer for little Alex Estrada ,he's going to have to battle leukemia and I know that there's power in prayer so please pray for Alex Estrada my nephew
9/26/2015 10:34:23 AM

Ev Prested
For Chris who is very depressed; she has a painful condition, but the doctors will not do surgery because of her heart.

For Josephine who just had a knee replacement and is experiencing a lot of pain.

For Bobbie - depressed; dealing with MS and the after effects of a stroke; does not like being in a nursing home.
9/24/2015 7:58:45 PM

Dawn E.
Please pray for our family and finances. Since starting financial peace university one year ago we have taken a hard look at our finances, and are now at the point of moving as our home we were hoping to rent-to-own has gone into foreclosure (landlord's choice). We have been in the home 10 years and are incredibly sad to move, including downsizing, to be able to have a basic home for our 2 children and continue to pay off our debt.

Prayers for peace and direction.
9/22/2015 1:45:46 PM

Ev Prested
I received a voice mail from Phylis Hoffman requesting prayer.  She was in a hospital ICU and then sent to a mental hospital, where she is now.  Based on her voice, she may be having trouble breathing (she has COPD).
Phylis would also like prayer for some of the other patients- some are women with young children, but I couldn't understand most of what she said.
9/4/2015 1:04:32 PM

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